Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Feed the ducks

Yesterday the boys and I went to the bread store. The bread store is in front of a little creek where ducks like to hang out. Anyone would agree that these ducks are very smart bread=food. Well, before we left I let the boys feed the ducks. They loved it and I know those ducks loved it too. After we were done helping the ducks eat breakfast we went to the shoe store. We bought two pairs of shoes for the price of one. We bought a pair of vans for $29.00 that were originally priced at $45.00 and a pair of Sketchers for $29 which were actually price at $45 as well, but then Famous Footwear was having their Grand Opening sale and we got half off a pair. These shoes should last all year including summertime (maybe even for Matthew) just like last years pairs of shoes. I was so surprised that we were able to get some good quality shoes at such a good price(I like saving money). We have finally finished all of our school shopping. I never realized how long it takes to get all the shopping done with two boys. They are typical boys they do not like to shop especially for clothes. It was worth all the crying and screaming. We got all of Jason's school stuff including some winter wear (long sleeve shirts and a fleece) for around a $105, that includes shoes, clothes, lunch box, school supplies and a winter coat for Matthew. We still need to purchase a winter coat and maybe a sweatshirt or two. But, I think we did pretty darn good, some people spend just $100 on clothes. We save all of Jason's clothes for the younger boys so it makes it worth it.We shopped around and waited for the sales then when we saw the sales we took advantage of them. We also went to DI they have such good deals and some of their clothes look new, including the Old Navy fleece we bought Jason for $2.00. Thank you Grandma for all those sunday newspapers.

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