Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day of School

Jason getting ready to leave for School (Matthew wants to go too)
On Tuesday Jason started his first day of school. He is now a big first grader. He went to school on Tuesday and Wednesday for like a little orientation then he will have the next two days off. The school is having them go in groups so it will not be too overwhelming. Jason is very proud of the fact that he gets to eat lunch at school
It seems weird to have Jason gone all day, I guess this will be a new thing for all of us. On Tuesday when we returned from dropping Jason off at school Matthew looked all over our house for him. He misses his big brother.
Thank goodness that Caleb came over yesterday to play and that Matthew was able to go to their house today for a little bit. They are the best buddies.
Matthew and Caleb playing light sabers


Lisa C said...

Wow, a big first-grader! Does it go by so fast? I can already imagine Michael going to school!

Josh & Ellie said...

thank you for watching my munchkins. I'm so glad we can here for each other.