Monday, September 8, 2008

Summer is truly ending

On Friday the boys and I went to the grocery store and saw all the Halloween candy. As we were checking out the cashier commented that "you know summer is over when they start bringing out the Halloween stuff". She was right the weather is starting to get colder and the sun is going down earlier. Time just flies by.
If weather permitted I might have Matthew go as Spider-baby. Of course he would need some pants.


Brian Grimwood said...

Yeah I noticed that summer is coming to an end, too. It was only 107 the other day, and my car isn't always hot to the touch every morning. Plus, when I run tap water out of the sink or the shower, the cold water is actually cold! Yay! Now I have a choice between cold and hot water, and not just between hot and extra hot.

Spider-baby would be a great costume, and you wouldn't even need the pants here in Mesa.

John said...

Hi Stephanie! Just got off of Andrea and Mike's blog so I thought I check your blog again. Oh to be young again. Sounds like you all are busy and getting out to enjoy the seasons. I must admit I don't envy Brian. It sounds like you can still cook an egg on the pavement in Mesa.
Thanks for inviting us in on your journey!
Aunt Linda & Uncle John