Sunday, September 14, 2008

What a day!

I have decided that this blog should also include the trials along with the fun stuff. I am so glad that this weekend is OVER! Yesterday was so horrible. Jason and I had a rough day. It all started out early too. Jason and Matthew both woke up way too early 5:45 am. Later that morning we went to Albertson's to get some milk. My wonderful Jason thought it would be nice to clean the freezer doors with his tongue. Can you say gross!
Well, later that afternoon, I let him play some gamecube because he had not had an accident for a couple of days. We have been working on stopping what you are doing and going to the bathroom. Well, I guess he forgot why he was able to play the gamecube, because he had an accident. Brother!
Thank goodness for Grandpa. Grandpa had Jason go out to the garden and help him harvest the potatoes and pears. Well, there are some potatoes that grow with like these little ball like things on the plants. Matthew has tried to eat them before and they are hard as rock. Well, while Jason was out there with grandpa he decided he would try some deer poo. Double Yuk. He asked grandpa what deer poo would taste like and he was told like crap, but Jason thought he said like crab so he ate one. Deer are cute but they have so many diseases. I pray that he will be okay. I called his doctor and the doctor on call (who was very rude) told me that he should be fine if he just ate one.
One thing that both Jason and I learned from this wonderful day is that it is so important to say our family prayer in the morning. I realized we left the day without one and boy did we have a crazy day. I love my Jason he keeps me busy along with his little brother Matthew.


Linda said...

That's life for you and more to come! Kids will give you lots of gray hair! But, it's all worth it! Take the good with the bad. But, good is better for sure!

Heidi and Paul said...

I can't stop laughing!!!!!!

John said...

Stephanie, thanks for my laught for the made me cry:) Kristine said that's real gross! She laughted too when I read your blog to her. Hang in there, this is a memory you will laught about for years to come. Aunt Linda