Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Dear Sweet Matthew

Over the last few days Matthew has shown me the wonderful side of toddler hood. Last Sunday the boys and I made some cookies. As we were waiting for the oven to heat up I walked away from the cookie dough on the cookie sheet. I came back and realized that maybe I had forgotten to completely fill the cookie sheet because a cookie dough ball was missing. So, without even thinking about it I added another cookie dough ball to the cookie sheet. A minute realized that Matthew was missing also. So, after calling him for a few seconds, I hear him laughing under the kitchen table with a half eaten chocolate chip cookie dough ball in his hand. He said "Mama more cookie". I thought it was so funny. Then, I don't know what I was thinking, but I walked away from the cookie sheet and he did it again. He is so sneaky he knows exactly when I am leaving and when he should run under the table as I am returning to the kitchen.
That was all on Sunday, then a couple of days ago I was feeding Gavin and I had asked Matthew to go and get me a diaper for the baby. He likes to be my big helper. Well, it was taking an awful long time to get a diaper. I went to check on him and he was cleaning the floor with our laundry soap. We buy our soap at Costco, so the soap is kinda big. Thank goodness the bucket is almost gone. But he had managed to pour some soap in Gavin's bathtub, the sink, and a lot all over the floor. It was such mess. But he was not done later that day he went back into the Laundry room and tried to clean the floor some more with our Spray and Wash. I am glad I did not wait too long for him to come out. He is our child that is into everything. (I know our heating bill should be less this month, he changed the temperature so it will go on at 58 degrees. I changed that back after I realized it was freezing in our home 63 degrees) Jason was so calm. Matthew is teaching me what a true toddler is all about. He keeps me going and laughing.

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