Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another week gone by!

It seems like the weeks go by so fast. They boys and I returned home from our trip to California on Wednesday. We had such a wonderful time with my family. They were able to see our sweet Gavin. They really enjoyed seeing him along with the older boys. I enjoyed having some time to relax once we got to my parents house. It has been a while since I could just let someone else watch the boys and just enjoy myself. I also enjoyed the company of other adults. With Brian gone I really do not get to talk to other adults that much, so I get kinda lonely sometimes. I can't wait for my Brian to come home. ( I will post pictures of our trip in a couple of days).

On to what happened this week with our cute and wonderful boys.

Jason lost two teeth this week. He lost one while we were on our trip in California and then his lovely brother Matthew punched him in the face and he lost his other lower tooth on Saturday.

Matthew has been working on potty training this week. I started him the day after we came home from our vacation. This something I had planned, I did not want to do it before we went. Those toilets on the train are really gross! So, far we are doing pretty well. He has gone a couple of times. This evening we had a little set-back when the potty thing kinda broke. I fixed it but, he thought he was going to fall in. So, he was done. We will work on it some more. There is no time frame.

Gavin is growing so fast! He will be five months old tomorrow. This week his big achievement has been sitting up. And boy does he love it! I think in a couple of weeks he will not need the boppy anymore. He wants to sit all the time and just watch his older brothers play. Today, Gavin realized that there are other babies at church. He was playing with the little girl behind us during relief society. It was just too cute. He is getting to be such a big boy. He kinda scared me yesterday he slept from 9:30 until almost 5:00. He was very hungry when he woke up even after nursing he still wanted something more. Thank goodness for solids he really likes them. I figured out that he does better with solids at breakfast time and dinner time.


ellie said...

I'm so glad you're back steph. So Jason finally lost that tooth he was showing me couple weeks ago. He's so cute. We did miss you guys. I'm so glad you had a great time in CA and that you were able to have some alone time. Don't hesitate to call if you needed a break from the boys. I'd be more than happy to help.

Stephanie Grimwood said...

Thanks Ellie. You are so awesome!

Lisa C said...

Hey Stephanie, we have a baby bjorn potty chair that is too big for Michael right can borrow it if you want. Though we would want it back when Michael has grown a couple more inches.

Stephanie Grimwood said...

thanks Lisa, that is okay. we are going to use the one we have we just won't put it directly on the toilet. We will just leave it in the base thing.