Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Brotherly Love

This morning I had it all planned out I was going to change the boys sheets. Then, I got out of the shower and Matthew was crying. I figured it was because he lost his blanket or something like that. So, I kinda ignored him for a minute. Then, I went to check on him after a couple minutes and he had taken off his diaper and the bed was wet! I guess since I had no where I needed to be today there was always time to wash all the bedding.

As I was waiting for the laundry. I had time to sit down on the floor and play with my younger boys. I really enjoy the time I have with my three boys. I also enjoy watching them play with each other and by themselves. I feel very blessed that all three can play with me, other and also entertain themselves for a few minutes.

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Holly Mayer said...

Gavin is sure sitting up well. We will see you guys in a few weeks! I'm sure Arora will love to play with her cousins.