Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Just some random things

Today Matthew and I went shopping outside in the garage for some summer clothes for him. We found some wonderful clothes that he can wear now which is just awesome. It is always nice to have new clothes even if they are almost five years old. I am really glad we kept all of Jason's stuff. I took this picture of Matthew, it seems like all my boys think that underwear goes on your head. I guess this is a start. He has more important things to do then go potty in the toilet. Like eat markers. He always wants to do homework with Jason. Yesterday he decided that he could not wait any longer for dinner to be done. I thought it was a cute.

Jason had Dr. Seuss day yesterday. So, I had to take a picture of him in his hat and tie that he made in school. Jason really likes to read Dr. Seuss books.

This week we are working on getting Gavin on a nap schedule. It is so hard when I have tons of things to do. I guess we will work on it more as he gets older.


Brian Grimwood said...

Hey, as far as the underwear goes, it's a boy thing. You're a girl, so you wouldn't understand. :)

Linda said...

son like father I would say!

Catherine said...

I CANT BELIEVE HOW BIG JASON IS!!!!!!! wow. I think the last time i saw you guys was when you were pregnant with matthew. dont be such a stranger!

Lisa C said...

I think Brian needs to explain this "boy thing." Why do all boys do that??