Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just a few things

The boys and I are leaving for a wonderful train trip to California on Saturday. I want to post before we leave and write a few things that have been going on in our little family.
On Monday I had this a meeting with Jason's teachers and the resource people at Jason's school. The teachers are having a hard time keeping him focused and doing his work on time. So, the wonderful teacher told the resource people that she thought there might be something wrong with Jason. Well, the resource people let the teachers know that he is only 6 and that they really need to find a way to get him to do his work on their own. Because he was too smart for their services. It turns out that Jason is the best reader in all of the first grade. There are three classes. He is also at the top in Math and spelling. It is awesome because when he was in the NICU they told us that he would need extra help during the school years.
Tuesday I learned that when you leave a toddler unattended he might do things that you never dreamed of. Not only does he like to eat markers he has come to like water paints as well. I guess they taste good and to wash it down there is always the brush water. I hope they were non-toxic! (in the picture notice the bowl is empty) On thursday he also tried some fabric softener. I came in our laundry room and Matthew had fabric softener on his hand and told me "yuk Mom". Yeah you think!
Gavin is four and half months now. He is doing awesome. On Thursday we finished trying all the different vegetables that he can eat at this age. He really likes the sweet potatoes, the squash and the carrots. We will have to work on the green beans and peas. On Thursday he also decided that he does not like Rice Cereal anymore. Thanks to our wonderful doctor that suggested I give him Oatmeal he no long wants Rice. I sneak it in anyway.
On Wednesday we had a little scare Gavin forgot that he only needs to wake up once during the night and woke up like almost three or four times. I tried giving him a little bigger pacifier. I guess he did not like it because he cried a lot. Well, the next night we were back to our old ones and he was back to waking up only once. I love it! Gavin can almost sit for minute. I was hoping he would be like Jason and be content to lay on his tummy. But, I guess he will be like Matthew sitting by 5 months.
As for me I am working hard on getting ready for our trip to California. It takes a lot of work to get three little ones ready for train trip.
Brian just finished his mid-terms and he did awesome. He just so smart. We are so proud of all his hard work.


Brian Grimwood said...

Looks like Matthew gave himself a "paint mustache".

ellie said...

Am so proud of Jason. Looks like he's just bored that's why he won't finish the task.
Caleb likes to paint his face with the marker.

John said...

Stephanie, it sounds like you have some very bright boys! They are artistic too! I know you have concerns, but I am sure you and Brian will have lots of wonderful memories and pictures to share with the boys as they grow. Hope you had an enjoyable train ride and a wonderful visit in southern CA. Aunt Linda & Uncle John

Parker said...

Be safe Dear Stephanie. I hope you have a lovely California Adventure.

Jason showed them. That is wonderful news.

love and hugs,

Lisa C said...

You know, I was considered smart in grade school, too, but I had trouble paying attention and finishing my homework...

I had the same trouble in college come to think of it. I never got any help, but made it through. I had to get very self-motivated to get my work done and keep reminding myself to pay attention when the teacher was boring.

Mike Fowler said...

WOW...the boys are getting so big!!!
Hope you had fun with Mom and Dad!