Friday, October 9, 2009

Bug Killers!!

Since I am such a good blogger I thought I would post something that happen a month ago. I meant to post it earlier, but just forgot. Kaylee, Caleb, and Ethan were over at our house playing with the boys when this happened. I had to run inside to grab something when all of a sudden I heard Caleb and Matthew screaming in the backyard. So, I dropped what I was doing and came running when I saw them stomping on this poor little bug. As they would stomp they would scream. They were not really screaming as much as laughing as the bug tried to run away from these wonderful toddlers. If our camera was not such a pain in the butt I would have video taped it, but oh well. Pictures will have to tell the story.Here they are examining the bug (it was a big bug)
Then they both started stomping on this bug

Then they had to double check to see if it was dead. Nope!

Then Matthew coached Caleb on where to stomp

Then they called me over to make sure they had killed it.
They did. It took like 2-3 minutes for this bug to die. It was so funny. By the time
they were done killing it Ethan was the only one that still wanted to see it. I think
he wanted to stomp on it too he even went to put his shoes back on.

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ellie said...

That is so funny:) LOL