Saturday, October 31, 2009


I have been such a horrible blogger. But I have three and sometimes four excuses. My family has kept me very busy these last few weeks. Here are some things we have been up to.
  • Today we had a Halloween party with our cousins. The boys had so much fun. This is an event that they look forward to every year. The boys really enjoy trick or treating with all the kids. Sometimes I wonder what the people think when 14 kids stop by a their door looking for candy. Jason went as Aniken Skywalker since the costume still fit from last year, I thought he could wear it one more year. Matthew was Superman. Gavin was our duck. We have had our dear duck costume for seven years now. It is a tradition t everyone has to wear it at least once. (this was not the best picture, gavin was super tired)
On Friday we celebrated Gavin's birthday. It was just a small family party.(due to exams) We will have a friend and family party later. This is last time I will make a Red Velvet cake, well at least until my kids are older. Red stained the carpet and was all over the place. The cake was pretested by a certain toddler so I had to re-frost it and the top looked so red.
The older bo
ys and Brian carved a pumpkin. It turned out really nice, even though the pumpkin was green it did not look too bad. While they were carving the pumpkin I was trying to keep Gavin entertained. For some reason he decided that he was going to go crazy. I guess carving pumpkins is not his thing right now.

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