Saturday, October 31, 2009

Gavin 1st birthday

I can't believe that Gavin is one already. Time goes by so fast. He is growing up along with the older boys so quickly. He has been such a wonderful blessing in our family. I am truly learning that I need to treasure every moment with them. Also, my boys have taught me that parenting is hard but sometimes I make it harder then I need to.
Here are somethings that Gavin has been up to.( I just love his name)
  • Gavin loves to go outside. Whenever I open the door he comes walking as fast as his little body can go. Sometimes, I have to close the door before he gets there. He usually cries, but the weather does not permit him to go outside all the time.
  • About a month ago I started giving him cow milk. To my surprise he has taken to it pretty well.
  • Gavin's loves sandwiches his favorite are PB&J and Grilled cheese.
  • I started having the boys watch "Signing Time" videos mmainly to help the younger boys learn to communicate better and hopefully help Matthew with his temper. Well, Gavin has caught on to some of the signs which is pretty incredible for me. He can sign "baby" and "all done". I know this is not a ton, but it is a start. We will still have to work with Matthew on his temper.
  • He loves to grab Jason's glasses. Two Saturdays ago I had to get Jason's glasses repaired because Gavin grabbed them Jason tried to grab them back and it was a big fight and the glasses lost. So we had to get the glasses unbent. We were home not even an hour and they were fighting again. So, I guess I will have to back to Costco to get them fixed. Sheesh who knew a one year old could be so destructive.
  • He has learned how to go up the stairs. Now all we need to is work on going down without hurting our self in the process. Face first is a big no-no.
  • Gavin enjoys looking at books but when it comes to me reading a book he only can stand may be a minute then he is off and running.
  • I no longer need an alarm clock. Gavin goes to bed by 7:00 and wakes up by 6:00. If he goes to bed later than 7:00 he is a disaster.
  • He loves eating with a fork. Well, I should say a fork or spoon in one hand and the food in the other. The food and spoon/fork never meet he just likes having one like us. His philosophy is no fork/spoon no eat.
  • Gavin is like a tornado. When he is asleep our house a little cleaner. As soon as he wakes up there are pots and pans all over the place and if he can help it food from the pantry too.Sometimes I wonder why I even bother cleaning up.
  • His favorite toy is a leaf. He loves to just look at them and walk all around with one in his hand.
  • Gavin loves his older brothers so much.

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